The Devil In Me, the Devil in Him.

I have been deceived by a lie, and I have been fueled by my obsession with control and power;

I have been led astray by delusion, feeding the belly of a beast that is never satisfied.

In my travels I have hurt others for the sake of greed and narcissism.

Now I have come face-to-face with the adversary, me, and Him, the Devil.

I have heard the Devil within me, laughing and taunting as he expels his craft and charm on those who I have hurt, and in this pain that continues I realize the lie that we have been consumed by.

It was just a dream…Nothing else, nothing more.

I became Satan, looking for more and in my search I found nothing but an empty pit of sorrow. In the pit it is dark, and cloud, and it is lonely.

Climbing out of the pit is almost impossible, but it is doable.

However, once you have come out of it, you encounter yet another unfortunate event:

A fight with the truth.

In this fight you see all your sin, your shame, and your guilt. The truth does not exaggerate, omit, or deny, it sets you free, but it comes at the cost of your soul.

When the truth is revealed everything else becomes dead, and likewise, everything sees you as death. It is a para social relationship coupled with the supernatural.

Now I must decide:

Do I run away with the truth, or do I return to bed with the lie? Do I whore myself to Satan once again, or do I break off my chains and head for the hills, in high places, as close to Heaven as I can be.

I once was Satan until I realized he was also my neighbor, my friends, my parents, my teachers, my past girlfriend, my mentors, Satan was my everything.

Now I must run away again, but this time run towards the truth.



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