“The Right Decisions for the Right Reasons.”

I visited a Marine Corps Officer recruiter yesterday. We had a conversation about life, career ambitions, personal goals and family. He was a well spoken man and although I already know how recruiters work and their tactics to get people to “sign the dotted line,” I felt inspired to look for answers and seek the truth in areas that are important to me. After we finished our conservation I remember at the front desk was sitting this large kind of burly man. His name was “Big O.” He served 30 years in the Marine Corps and is now retired with a second job.

“What are you here for son?” he said.

“Purpose Sir,” I replied.

“Ah, yes. I did my time. 30 years, and now I’m just waiting in line like everybody else.”

At first I wasn’t sure what he meant by “waiting in line,” but as our conversation continued I realized he meant death. Judgement. Life.

I’m not sure if Big O is religious or not, but I get the hint that maybe he has some deep moral and religious convictions.

“I tell my son that whatever you do in life that if it’s for the right reasons then that’s all that matters.”

Our conversation ended there, but it did stick with me. Now I have six more days to decide if I am going to go through with the this application. A lot is at risk, and I’m still undecided as to which path I am going to take. The fork in the road, that’s where I stand and unfortunately, the decision isn’t an easy one.





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