Debating in my Mind

There’s a lot of things I have been debating lately, dating, career options and even where to live. Last night I went to the Word, a weekly poetry open mic night at my university. There was this really cute blonde who flirted with me and although I didn’t know her name, I clearly remember her face as this is the second time she has approached me. This usually doesn’t happen. What would happen in the past is I would attempt to befriend or court some girl I was interested in and she would either give me a shot, or ignore me completely. Now that I have invested in myself and debating becoming a #MGTOW monk women are paying more attention to me. I guess that’s how it works. You ignore them and they notice you – you give them too much attention and they think you’re a creeper. This happens to me every time too: Just when I start to get my life together, some girl comes around and starts to mess with me as if she is literally trying to fuck up my world. When it comes to sex, eh! I think sex is great and all, but I think it’s highly overrated in our culture. I think a lot of young men and boys are programmed to crave for women and their validation and it’s hard for them to pull back all the marketing, advertising and lies that have been spoon fed to them their whole lives. Once you are able to look past the make-up, fashion and cosmetic surgeries, women are just not that beautiful. Yes, of course, there are those women who possess a natural beauty – nice curves, beautiful eyes, a great figure, but so many of them try so hard to put on an appearance, and because I have been trained to detect such forgeries I don’t easily fall into the trap as my younger self would. It’s just hard. To go from one side of the spectrum to then go monk is not an easy challenge. Even last night I found myself looking at robotic women and then later, tweaking butts. I mean what the hell! Seriously?! Twerking butts? What has our generation come to?

I guess this is where humanity meets it last demise, and as I continue to grow in strength, finding ways to become more financially stable and successful,  more women will pursue me as a viable means of sex and resources.

I just gotta keep my head down and my words few, and let the actions do the rest of the work.

Nothing in this life matters more than the work we do and produce for our legacy, other than that there is nothing else, just talk.


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