Recap Friday Night

I went out last night with my friend Anthony. We went to a bar to watch the NBA playoffs and after that we bar hopped to a few other establishments. Anthony is your typical guy. He lives for excitement, but most importantly he is stuck on getting female validation. I mentioned #MGTOW to him last night, so now he knows what it is. It’s up to him whether or not he decides to become educated on the movement and whether he decides to take the red pill or not. Right now he is playing the field. He’s on #Tinder, and he often goes out looking for women to have sex with. I had a few drinks last night and I regret it. One or two is fine, but after that I’m calling it quits. I have been here before and truthfully, I don’t like the taste of much alcohol. I think people mostly drink because they want to feel good, or they want to escape their current predicament. Drugs, alcohol and even sex is a getaway. The more and more people have sex, do drugs and drink the more dependence they build for it. The good thing about last night is that I had the courage to let Anthony know about my intention in not going to bars or clubs anymore. I’m okay with going out and being social, but as far as spending money on drinks and clubs, I’m done with it. I recently started reading Tim Tebow’s book Shaken, so far it’s pretty good. Obviously, because Tebow is a outspoken Christian, the book has a lot to deal with faith and hope in God, but honestly it’s a swift read and I don’t mind the subject matter. It has really challenged me to think about my life and where I am with God and faith. I could say that maybe these past several weeks I have been really angry and bitter about a lot of different things. What I am learning from this book is to take it one day at a time, especially when dealing with social pressure. I could say the same thing about drugs, alcohol and women, deal with it one day at time. I guess I have to start learning to just trust again, to learn to let go and not be afraid of what comes next to put faith in that which I know is true.



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