Solitary – Part I

I write solo. I write by myself. I do not ask for any advice on how to write, I just do it.

I am not interested in affirmation, but what I am curious about is whether or not I am proficient, efficient, and comprehensive.

My writing is linked to movement because I feel things. I am not sure if it is linked to some type of extraversion, or perhaps body and movement is some type of language rooted in my DNA.

I move.


I have been taught time and time again that actions will lead someone to success. Actions will bring someone to greater opportunities, and it is these movements or choices that cause someone to come to a greater understanding of themselves and their environments.

How do I bring about change? How do I perform good works?

Is it complete abandonment of the self?

Or is it complete acceptance and encouragement of the self?

I am lost between the two.

I know the best of both worlds as I have some knowledge of what it means to be bi-racial, or “mixed.”

However, how far do I stretch my knowledge and experience? How far do I extend the curiosity of my biology and my experience? These are the questions that circulate in my mind.

Languages are my forte. Culture is what I consume daily and it is what I analyze.




I must return to what I am good at languages and culture.

These are the things I am good at. I must return to them and reinforce the practice daily.







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