Jesus’ second birthday

“Happy Easter” they say to me.

What does that mean? In general, if someone is not coming from a religious or theological standpoint, what does it mean to say, “Happy Easter” to them?

It’s a bit insulting isn’t it? I am not trying to sound negative but how is a person supposed to respond. Let’s say for instance we are not referring to Jesus and his death. Instead, we are talking about the season of the year. I would then not say “Happy Easter,” I would say “Happy Spring,” or more practically I would say “Have a wonderful spring season.” I believe that statement is more sensible.

Again, I understand that people are coming from a good place in their hearts, at least I think so, but the assumption that everyone believes in the same “Easter” is kind of well, arrogant.

I guess this is the struggle of having a nation dominated by Judeo-Christian theology. Unfortunately, I believe this theology is largely incorrect. Simply put, I believe we got it all wrong.

Jesus, I believe, is not G-d. No. Jesus is the Son of G-d. What the majority of Americans believe is that Jesus is G-d. There is false. The distinction between the two are vastly great, and the theological implications for people who believe Jesus is G-d is, again, arrogant.

Today, I will take the time to investigate the sayings of Jesus and prove that he is indeed not G-d, and I will highlight that Jesus himself said that he is NOT G-d.

I am not sure what I am motivated by. Maybe it is hate. Maybe it is love. Whichever it is I will make my point clear and hopefully provide some clarity to my affirmed theology.


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