The Curse of Writers

To remember, but easily forget –

the trauma which haunts the conscious and brings delight to the waking of a nightmare

To treasure what’s within the subconscious and like the sun that sets and rises everyday,

so do the ideas and thoughts concerning novels, poems, and confessions that quickly dissipate within moments

The scribe

The note taker

The journalist

The observer

The participant

The writer

Is he born?

Or is she made?

The inspiration comes from within but the motivation to record is all around us..

The smell from a rose, dandelion, or fields of lavender.

The feeling of baby cheeks,

or the lips of an estranged lover.

What to say?

What to tell?

With fleeting thoughts, we fail to comprehend that these creations in our minds are our ultimate demise

As the moon will rise and fall before the day, so will our prose.

But will we remember to recover our journals and reminisce?

To reassure ourselves that although we lost a friend, and a lover

That we will remain honest, genuine and thoughtful and although it hurts, we will keep writing.

#Poem #WordOnWednesday #MentalHealth


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