Mosa Ma

My sister turns 22 in the next couple of hours. She graduates from college next month. I love her. However, I feel that we are splitting a part. The last time I talked to her she mentioned a boyfriend. They will probably get married, if not, my sister will probably be single for a while. I think her getting married first out of my Mother’s side will be good for the family. Our brother Sam will be next.

When I think about Samuel I think about his occupation, but most importantly I worry about his health. He is overweight and I know he doesn’t get the right balance or nutrition at my Mom’s. The dude rarely drinks water, when I think about how much I drink about others who don’t have any access to water or food.

Water. That will be the initiation. When the world runs out of water we will be doomed.

Then there will be no food.


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