Atten – Hut!

Hands behind my back, clasping each other.

Neck tall erect and head looking straight

Don’t breathe too loudly, someone might hear you.

Waiting patiently for liberty – dont’ say a word.

No questions, no comments, nothing – don’t say a thing.

Privates, first class, lances – the perfect boots

Bitches, fresh meat and nothing but jarheads.

Waiting to kill, waiting to die, hoping to win.

EAS, Veerp, getting out or staying in?

Standing post, ECP, or IEDs, don’t sleep.

Stay awake Lance Corporal, stay awake.

Missions with RECON, briefs with Ricky,

But no War. No purple hearts and no combat action ribbons.

Should I stay or should I go?

Where? Nowhere?

This devil pup ain’t got no home. This devil pup ain’t got no place to stay.

Sign me up, one pump, two pumps, just give me one shot –

To kill, let’s compare kill counts –

TO kill!

Why do we wish upon death only to realize that we are the bringers of it?

Why do we wish to escape when every place we go there are mirrors?

When will this suffering end? When will the yoke be easy and the burdens be light again?


Welcome to the suck.


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