Drunk, Stoned, or Sober

Going through another phases again. I’m discerning about what’s really important. I went to a comedy show last night and it was not what I expected. I should say it was not that fun. What I enjoyed most was leaving, and going to a Sushi bar. I had a coupe of rolls as well as some vegetable fried rice. It was delicious. It was filling. I was satisfied.

After leaving Hollywood I came back westside to meet a friend.

I am starting to question the validity of what it means to be a “friend.”

  1. How long does it take after you like someone for them to become your friend?
  2. Is the term friend thrown around loosely? Is the term abused?
  3. Even the word love. When you love someone, your life changes, therefore, shouldn’t there be more sacrifices made on behalf on the person you care about?
  4. Friend, yes, a return to the term friend, what does it mean to friend someone in the contemporary sense?
  5. How do you un-friend someone? Or is it better to say de-friend someone?
  6. What are the terms to becoming a friend? Who establishes them?

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