Kill Your Darlings

Just recently screened a film titled Kill Your Darlings. The film was about the college life of writers Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and Jack Keruoac. These are some of the prominent writers of the Beat Generation. They are known as the “beat writers.” I thought the film was great. It resonated with me on an emotional level as well. There is something to comment on about the lives of writers and their personalities. Also, there is connection, I think, with writers and their love lives and their passions. There is some connection, some spiritual or religious yearning, within the writer and his or her commentaries on life. I believe the best writers write from a place of love, hate, and trauma. It is a place of truth. You have to write from a place of truth. That is, essentially, what the film is commenting on.

When we start to write fiction, we start to intertwine our lives with that of our fictional creations – this is dangerous.

The film captures beautifully the minds and genius of these early American poets and novelists, and their struggle to adapt to institutional structures. Relationships, academia, athletics, all these are just a few examples of what the characters wrestled with and questioned throughout the film.

The film is written by Austin Bunn and John Krokidas and is also directed by Krokidas. The film stars Daniel Radcliffe, Ben Foster, Elisabeth Olsen, and Dane DeHaan.




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