Therapy Session #101

Scheduled time: 11a.m.

P.T.: Dr. Wood

The things I would like to say:

I am having suicidal thoughts.

I am horny, hypersexual, but I am resistant – this is why I’m angry.

My blood boils, my hate for this world grows, and I am lonely soldier waiting for battle, waiting for purpose.

This is my song. This is my signature.

What I write on paper screams to be heard and absorbed across the cities, states, and continents.

But I am no one. Nothing but ooze, genetics, genes, blood and sperm spit into a gateway of access, access to life, access to oxygen.

Where am I now?

The university.

The institution that is supposed to promote free speech, diversity of thought and innovation has only shown that this system is another form of segregation.

I am here, now, waiting for the next chapter.

But these things that are said, will not be heard, because I am the cursed writer, the scribe, living on assistance from higher powers.

This is my life. This is now.


I am waiting to die.


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