Spring Break

Last week I was on spring break, and I decided to go down south in the San Diego area to visit some family. I saw two of my cousins, and I got to also spend some time with my sister. Everyone seems to be doing fine. My cousin Myles is living near San Diego State University, and my other cousin Ivo is working hard at selling his hot sauce company. My sister, Elizabeth, is healthy and more beautiful than ever. It came to no surprise to me that she is dating her first boyfriend. I have not met him yet but I trust my sister’s judgement. She knows I love her dearly, and it is very important to her that she keep me involved in her life. My sister took me into town to a place called Liberty Station. Liberty Station is an old Naval Base. The lot was mostly covered with barracks (housing projects) for all the military personnel. Now Liberty Station is an artist and cafe hot spot where locals and tourists can experience many different kinds of foods as well as interact with exhibits and curations from local painters, muralists, writers and many others.

On my trip, I learned a lot mostly concerning people, and their life goals but importantly their moods towards spontaneity. Both my cousin Myles and my cousin Ivo had opportunities to meet with me. The time was short but well spent. With my sister Elizabeth the day was long and memorable, but at moments sad. Spending time with my sister reminded me of Death. I was reminded that my time on Earth is short and soon enough I will be forever perished into the ground or into the sky, and all that will remain of me is photographs and perhaps the ashes from my cremation.

Coming back from San Diego was a relief. It felt nice not to worry about essays, or scholastic readings to complete. I was free, partly, and I enjoyed every moment of it. What troubles me now is that I am nearing the end of my time as a student at the university, and I still do not know what I am going to do post graduation. I have some ideas, but none of them are for certain. Everything is so temporary, and it’s hard to make plans for anything these days. Time is fast but it moves slow depending on my orientation and purpose in life. It seems as though when I am focused on leisure, time moves at a slower pace, but when I am occupied with tasks and duties it seems as though time moves faster as if Death is approaching me quicker.

When I got back from San Diego, I connected with my roommate and his associates and went to Joshua Tree, a national park, for the weekend. The drive up to Joshua Tree was about 4 to 5 hours – the LA traffic made it seem longer. It was great to set-up tents, and camp outside and watch the night sky filled with luminous stars. Even better, waking up in the morning to the sun rise was a beautiful and a most memorable event.


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