Black Skinhead

I like my women tall, white and blonde.

I like my drink tall, strong and dark.

I am feeling faded, but I’m sober, but not for long. Getting ready to get drunk, but I ask for forgiveness before I sin, and then I commit.

Old friends tell me to repent, new friends asked me how much the rent, and for the reset I say fuck you, I don’t care. I put on the credit, and if I live for tomorrow then consider me bless.

Many say I’m blessed,

but others say I’m cursed.

But I like living in the middle, the liminal king, not here not there, but everywhere. Black, white, Mexican, Italian, Middle eastern, I’ll be whatever you want.

The people’s champ. The King’s joker, and the Lord’s rejected.

I’m ready to end, I’m already ejected from the kingdom, so why keeping living and keep sinning? Am I a sinner or a saint? Which direction am I going?

I don’t know, but I don’t care.

If I die today, Amen. I die tomorrow, Amen. If I die next week, Amen.

I’m ready whenever, let’s go almighty.

I love my country, and that includes the red, white and blue.

I smile at everyone, but these bitches don’t know what I been through.

Smirk, smirk and smile.

Suicide, suicide, suicide, in his heart.

Suicide, suicide, suicide, on his mind.

Die, die, die, let’s go!

He’s trapped in the wrong body, but with the right mind.

He’s got the right mind, but his soul is dead.

He’s a walking skeleton.

Die, die, die!

Let’s go.

Skin his head, preserve his corpse,

He’s made of gold.

Where is he going?



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