The Victorian Pt. II

I went to the club with a fellow vet, but it was different –

he was just like me.

He was mixed. He was a hybrid.

“Black and white,” he said.

The night went on, and I watch and observed and saw what the people gave me, the looks, the stares, the looks, it was all there.

There was one couple though I couldn’t help but stare at, stalk through the night.


One couple…

A beautiful couple.

A black man and a white woman…A chocolate man and a blonde woman…They were all over each each other…They couldn’t lay there hands off each each other…


It made me jealous.


It made me want her….





It made me want her anymore than any other woman….



It made me frustrated…


I wanted her and no one else….




I watched. I creeped. I observed. I stalked…I peeped into their relationship…I wanted what they had….


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