Ideas for Final Project- T.O.T.

WAC 120 – Theatre of the Oppressed


Ideas for Final Project


Yesterday I proposed an idea for my final project. I talked about the themes, or topics of suicide, rape, and blackness. I brought up these ideas because these are the things that have been circulating through my consciousness throughout the quarter. These topics have a personal space in my heart that is they have a certain hold on my life. In my life I have had personal experiences with all these topics, and I now want to use my body and my voice as a means to explore healing and transmitting information to the UCLA student body. I have a background in acting, as well as dance and as of lately I have taken a step back to dwell into writing, both personal and academic. Writing is my – how do I put this – curse. It’s a blessing in disguise, but I write because a lot of times I do not know how to properly articulate my ideas. I stutter. I am hesitant because I do not know if what I am saying makes sense, or if it at all connects together with my topics and sub-topics. That is why I write, to communicate through the pen and pad and later the keyboard. This is a work in-progress.


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