Where will I meet you?

Where will I meet you my great adversary?

Where will I see you?

In the great depths of Seoul? Or perhaps in the blackness of night?

Where will I see you?

Why do you hide from me? Are you afraid to face death?

Are you not my friend?

Are you afraid to be exposed? To face the truth of you imminent sentence?

Do not worry, I have the keys. I decide who will be let out.

Why are you afraid of the black? Why are you afraid of the Truth?

You feed on the young, and you feed on the weak, but why not face someone strong?

Your time is running out my dear admirer from afar. Your time is running out.

If I don’t see you in this world then I shall surely see you in the next.

Do you not want to kiss Death before your time?

I will love you until the end because I can forgive in this world, but in the next I will not.

In the next world I will bring pain, destruction, and torture.

I am the son of Satan, but you already know this.

I am the Beast – the beast on the leash.

The stars watch from above, and the demons wait for their release.

Oh my precious precious sweet son. I know the truth of your backstory.

Sweet sweet spoiled Son. You have been given everything your whole life.

So why not kiss me before your eternal payment? Are you afraid to die?

Are you afraid of the Lake of Fire?

Oh my sweet sweet Son, you too, are the son of Satan, don’t you see? Your works are not hidden from me.

So let it be then. Enjoy your quiet decadence, enjoy the raping of Angels, enjoy your adulterous lifestyle.

But I, my precious creature, will not have mercy in the Underworld.

Because you ignore me and not face me like the gremlin that you are, you shall endure much pain and suffering.

You may be a Ruler in this world, but I will be the King in the next.





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