Cutting because the woman I love is invisible.

I watch as these bitch ass niggas dance and play the clown,

I watch as these pansy ass boys get the girls and they are superficial as fuck,

I watch and see these jocks get their cocks sucked.

And I sit here playing the good boy, getting drunk and high and trying to forget

that I am the lost boy,

nothing, everything but nothing.

I sit around and watch everyone get what they want.

I sit here and watch and waiting, practicing patience, acting like the good old soldier.

I can’t wait to die. When will this life end?

Please G-d take my life, I am ready to die.

I don’t want anything else.

Send me to the depths, send me to the end, I don’t care.

Strip my flesh, strip my soul, rip my hair.

Rip my soul, rip my emotion, I am running out of motion.

Running out of purpose, running of out meaning.

Illuminated, enlightened, but suffering, and losing

But in the persecuting I am winning

doing my best not to do wrong and not to give in to sinning.

End my life G-d.

End my life, please.

I’m tired.


I’m living a lie.

Smiling, smiling, smiling and smiling.

Dead man smiling.

It’s pathetic that he calls, but it’s romantic that I think.

I want you Baby.

You don’t know how much I want you.

It’s sick how much I want you.

Lock me up, put me in a straight-jacket, put me in a home, but no matter what they do

I will never stop loving you Baby.

I’m sick.


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