THEY want me DEAD

They want me dead. 

It was a cold night and I was walked the streets I could hear a collection of gasps, and heavy breathing like the panting of old dogs.

I scanned the street and from every corner there they were, dead walking zombies. They were ugly, hideous, and look deformed on every part of their bodies. They had multiple toes on top of toes, they eyes were sunken in, and their arms were green and blue and curled and bent over. I was alone on the streets and I had no where to run. I ran straight but as more of the dead came out from corners, I was entrapped.

These were the babies of incest, of rape, of bestiality, they were all there and they were putting their hands on me. I couldn’t breathe, and I was reached for the sky looking for a way out, one last one of them put their hand around my mouth.

I became one of them.




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