The Virus – The Plague – The Destroyer of My Soul.

I took my little brothers and my sister to the UCLA vs. USC game on Saturday, and it was fun. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about my Baby. I couldn’t stop thinking about another man putting his hands on her. I grew tired, angry and impatient. I did my best to enjoy the game but deep down inside I only wanted to see Her. I only wanted to hold her in my arms. I wanted to love her. Now, I stand before a mirror, looking at myself hoping that my dreams will come true. I spit in the mirror, cut my skin open and pray to G-d, is she the one? Will I receive forgiveness? Will I receive a second chance?

Please G-d, I pray not for dreams, but I pray for reality. Take me out of this fantasy. End my life or answer me.

At the game there was Caitlyn Jenner, Derek Rose, Jessica Alba, Zach Gal…and the rest of the stars, but I didn’t care for any of them. I only cared for Her.

Where is she?

Is she there in the stands watching from afar?

Should I be like the rest of these Black Beatles?

That’s what my roommate and friend called me. He said I was a Black Beatle. I guess it means that –

I AM BLACK and creative.

I called my friend Isaac today, and I was trying to get connected to a brother in Montreal, and he said I was a BLACK, Latino, Jew, and that my President Donald Trump is probably going to kill me. I don’t believe that. I believe my commander chief will show mercy on me. I love my country. I love America.

I love Her. I love my Baby.

G-d shows mercy onto those who worship and love Him.





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