Be Still

Be still,

do not rush.

Be still,

hush, be quiet my child.

Be still,

listen to my words and be anxious for nothing.

Do you see the rainbow hovering outside above the clouds?

Do you see the pelicans flying high above the sky?

Do not worry, and I will provide.

No need to hide. No need to put on a disguise. No need to run.

Be still my child and I will show you the ways in which my children have fun.

Be still. Relax. Quiet down your temper.

No need for violence. No need for anger.

Let me rub your head. Let me stretch my fingers through your hair.

Relax my love, and I will show you the simplest of things and the reason not to care.

Rest, sleep and breathe easy.

Rest, calm yourself your time will come.

You are now are entering the lion’s den, but do not fear for they worship you because of me.

They worship you because of my Love.

Love, that is the answer that will get through.

Not by your hand, not by their hand, but my hand I will show you love.

I will show you love, but for the meantime…

Be still my child.

Be still.

I love you.



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