The sacrifice of a goat or dog is ancient pre-Roman pastoral day, and on this day of February 15th, 2017, a wolf was read.

The wolf’s name is M.

M spent many nights alone for he was deeply sick. His illness was of a particular kind. He was deeply in love-sick. His head hurt, he would experience bone and muscle pains, and he would feel pressure all through his body. It is said that in the old, those who were love-sick were being haunted by witches and demons. M was just living another day in his life when on one lonely night, stumbling drunk across the city looking up to the sky hoping to receive counsel from the stars or moon, he came across a sign. The sign read Psychic. 

“What is this?” M thought as he gazed at his reflection in the glass window.

“Do it. What do you have to lose?” He went on in his mind.

He was angry. Half-awake and half in a trance-like state, M barely made back to his home before changing his mind. You see M had plans to go to the beach and drown himself, but when an Angel calls upon him his illness abruptly vanishes and he is once again given an extra ounce of strength to carry-on.

As he walked back to his crib he repeated the number over and over again in his head, repeating it to himself in order to make sure not to forget to call the psychic.

When the sun rises in the City of Angels, no one stops to take notice instead they continue you on in their hustle and in their pursuit of vanity. The wicked never sleep, they just eat, wait, and fuck, as their prey continues on with their trivial jobs.

Even throughout the day of studying, M remembered that at the end of the night he had to see her, he had to visit the psychic. However, M was hesitant. He was both fearful and skeptic about the psychic’s ability to reveal and possibly heal.

When the time came and M came home after a long day at the university, he quickly went out and pursued her. He was anxious, excited and the fear of not knowing continued to harass him.

He went – begrudgingly – and he prepared his mind for what was going to happen.

The small shop was illuminated with bright yellow lights that read Psychic, and on the walls were two large tapestries that displayed a large sun with astrological signs displayed on them.

“What are you doing here?” M thought once again. He felt like a completely fool coming to such a place. In he walked through the hall and in the next room was a small girl riding a toy bike and on the couch to the left was another infant deep in sleep. A small flat-screen television was on. The kitchen to the right looked like a bar, and the psychic, was a rather small and skinny sandy blonde girl. Her teeth were stained and looked like she had been smoking cigarettes for ages and eating chocolate bars without remembering to brush her teeth. Her eyes were wide and large and her prowess was very physically demanding and sexually charged. She stared me up and down, smirked and said, “Have a seat” in a half-broken accent.

Her knees came close to mine, nearly touching and she placed her cards on the table after M told her he wanted a reading. M cut the deck, but he did it in fours. He did this because he wanted control. He wanted to know that if he was going to do this, this reading, he was going to have as much involvement in the process to avoid any type of manipulation or deception. Very slowly, he cut the deck in fours, placed neatly across from each other forming a cross, and waited. The breath that was released from M was heavy, deep and long.


STOP – 0000




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