The Well of Life

Since her birth she was destined to bring hope to the lost.

Her arrival in this life brought to close one age and began another.

Through her we shall see children lifted up and dead spirits be brought back to life.

An Angel, A Child of God, The Mystery of this Age,

She will give hope to fallen Angels – and they strengths shall be renewed by her sacrifice to the Lord.

They will fight for her. They will kill for her, all in the Name of the Lord.

But where there are prophecies, men will fail.

Where there is love, women shall betray their sons and daughters.

There will be a Black Scare on the Earth, and evil men and women will come to rise.

The Devil, Satan and his worshippers shall be given dominion, and his servants shall thrive on the torture of the heathens and those left behind.

But there shall be another period of sanctification. There will be another time for healing and reconciliation. This is the Great Redemption.

Love will win, and a New Earth shall be given to us, the children of God.

And She, standing in the middle of all those who were weeping, suffering for the Greater Good will be shown new things, things hidden from the world since the beginning of time because through faith and hope and love and a Savior we will be given new life.

And her time on Earth will forever be remembered by all who believed.

She is the Well of Life.



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