For My Valentine

Dear Heavenly Father,

I know I have rejected you, and denied your Son’s name in the past, but please forgive me.

Dear Father,

Please forgive for lying and betraying the woman that I love. Please forgive me for putting a stumbling block before her.

Dear Father,

Please take my life for her sake. Please save her. Please protect her.

Dear Father,

Let my words be few and like my actions speak in the Heavenly realm. I am not afraid to die.

Dear Father,

Please send your guardian angels and keep her in your arms, love her and sanctify her.

Dear Father,

Let your mercy go abound, but let your judgement fall on those who hurt her. Let them see the power of your glory, and let me feel your wrath for they are mockers and liars.

Dear Father,

Let me serve you again and bring about peace and justice where there is none.

Dear Father,

I am sorry. Take my life as you please. I am ready to go.


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