Bounce Back

Today was a rough day. I took Abe with me to school, and he has a lot of training to get done.

He lacks in strong name recognition, he is rather aggressive and pushes back when on his leash, and he constantly needs to stop to mark (urinate) his territory, which makes it difficult to have a leisurely walk.

On the positive note, Abe demonstrates upmost loyalty to his master. He never leaves your side even when it appears that he might leave you and ran off in the distance.

Areas in which he needs serious work is:

1.) Obedience Training

2.) Responsiveness to Name Recognition

3.) Consistency in walking and/or jogging alongside the Master

4.) Overcome fear of riding in automobiles, or busses, trucks, etc.

5.) Becoming adaptable in staying and resting in multiple areas – it seems as though Abe suffers from extreme anxiety when outside the home.

Overall, Abe is a strong, amicable and loyal dog. He is loving, exciting to play with and a plus in attracting females.

I had to leave class today because he couldn’t lay still, instead what I had to do was leave and take him outside. Eventually we made our way around campus. There are certain things he brings out of me, and I am excited to one day have my very own day that I will name Moses.

When I returned home, I was free of Abe which was a relief – he is such a strong dog with muscles that yank me to the left and right at times – and I called Sgt. Andrew Lee, the recruiter working with me in hopes of training out for 18 X-ray.

I was brief and to the point of my recent suicide attempt. I told him I couldn’t leave until about August or September – should I be able to still reenlist. I told him I would get all the necessary paperwork in order to show that my doctors think I am fit and psychologically adept to try out for Special Forces.

Whatever happens I accept my fate. I am not afraid. I am not afraid to die by God’s hand or my own.

Now it’s time to work…




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