Miracle Girl

If you ain’t Miracle girl, get out of my way.

I lost faith in religion, but I got one more thing to live for.

If you ain’t Miracle girl, then please don’t waste my time no more.

I may go to Heaven or I may go to Hell, but one date with You is like a piece of glory.

Hallelujah, Amen, and all the right things.

Praying for mercy, forgiveness, and second chances.

Fighting Demons, Singing Angels, and Spirit dances.

Full moons, shooting stars, and triangles.

Seeing X’s, seeing Crosses, seeing diamonds.

But fuck, I’m feeling numb and questioning if I’m dumb.

Sick in the mind, but fit the body, everything a disguise

Walking around, standing up straight, trying not to lie.

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry, remember don’t lie.

Shut your mouth. Keep silent. Stop talking.

I got a secret…Sssh! Keep writing.

and remember, don’t sin and no more lying.

She is somewhere. She is alive. She is breathing.

Miracle baby.

Miracle child.

Miracle girl.

The best thing in the world.


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