Listening, and not Judging

My boy just got back home from a night out.

His girl, his aka #BAE, gave out her number to some Man by the name of Jackson, Kelly.

When you are in a relationship do you give out your number?


I would say, “No, but thank you.”

Boundaries need to be set. Limits are important.

If you are in relationship, if you are committed, if you have a mutual understanding with someone, it is important to guard yourself and let your availability be known to the others and the public. What is done in private will eventually come out and be known in public.

I have my boy’s side on this. I like Danielle, she is a sweet girl, but I can’t support her when she is out playing the game and potentially giving herself to other men.

That makes me…Uncomfortable, anxious, and frustrated, especially if I KNOW the guy! If I know what he looks like, and I have met him, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, do I feel like a volcano ready to erupt!

Danielle…I will listen to you, I will be still, but I cannot support you over my friend James. Every decision counts…You made yours, and now he has to make his.

Good luck…

You will probably come over, but I hope you humble yourself and apologize…James is a lover and fighter and if you fuck him over it will take you to be honest and transparent, he will read through your bullshit.

Real recognize Real, and I know when a woman is scheming…




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