Wine & Bread – Praise to the Highest

Alone on Shabbat, drink it up, stay home, and give thanks.

Don’t cry, but laugh and remember the good times.

You got a Mom and a Dad, sounds like a good life.

Forget the wrongs, forget the sins, and work on the rights.

Wear black, get angry, but bring truth and lights.

Feed the sick, give to the poor, and pray.

Tame your tongue, watch your words, remember what they say.

Because everything turns around and comes back

and everyone will have to pay.

For their sins. Remember that. You’re not alone. You got a phone.

Don’t kill yourself, you got some more…to give.

Even if They hate you, Love them because that’s what they all need.

Love them. Forgive them. Embrace them. Hug them. Praise them.

Don’t judge them.

Be perfect like Him, and even if you Hate Him, still acknowledge Him.

Suffer, and FEEL…



Don’t be afraid to feel.



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