The Hypocrisy

I make myself vulnerable,

THEY ignore me.

I make myself present and available.

THEY judge me.

I am honest and transparent.

THEY think I am weak.

I show myself sensitive

THEY think I am gay.

I show myself artistic

THEY believe me to be weird.


I make myself hard.

THEY stare at me.

I make myself callous

THEY follow me.

I ignore them.

THEY talk to me.

I play the silent game

THEY want me.

I hate this.

I hate this game.

I hate these games of the mind.

Whatever happen to chivalry, to opening the door, to writing letters, to approaching the parents in request of courtship, whatever happened to holding hands, whatever happen to waiting for marriage for sex, whatever happened to commitment, whatever happened to truth.

Hypocrites! Hypocrites!



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