A Way of Life

We are born into this world with not a choice of who are parents are, with not a choice of what color we are.

We do not get to choose our class, we do not get to choose our gender.

We are spirits born into the flesh. We are born as a consequence of past generations.

Their sin, their blood and their spirits live in us.

Some of us are like animals, while some of us are like gods, or angels or demons.

We are born a type of way, and this way is not of our choosing.

We live and wait for something, something greater, but we are not entirely sure.

Some of us do not believe in anything but the wind, while others believe in great gods of the past, and few believe in a Chosen one.

The One who will bring balance to the world, bring balance to the universe, to the cosmological forces at war.

We are hurting, day-by-day, we are dying. We are waiting for something.

We deceive ourselves and distract ourselves with material possessions, money, wealth, fame, things of this world, things that will pass.

We bring about death to the innocent, injustice to the weak, we rape our sons, we rape our daughters, cheat on our husbands and wives, and we lie, we continue to lie and pretend like nothing is wrong. We live a lie. We live in a fantasy world.

There is no love, except from the One above. He is the One who truly loves.

There is no love in this world just a fabrication of it. It is a forgery. It is delusion of self.

But there is One who gave His life for me, for you, for them.

He is One that many have heard of, but few have seen.

He is invisible.

He is gone.

He is absent.

Those who do not accept Him are doomed. Those who do not accept Him will perish. Those who do not proclaim Him will see something like they have never seen before.


They will feel it. They will smell it. They will hear it. They choose Death.

But I choose Life.



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