Rat in a Maze

Wake up! Get out of your bed you sloth.

Time to get to work…

Time to slave away…

Time to prove yourself…

Will you make it? Will you prove them wrong?

Or are you just another pretender? A fake? A want-to-be? A wish-to-be?

They’re watching you. They’re listening. Every single step.

They hate you. They want to kill you. They laugh in secret at your misery.

You can’t run. They’re everywhere. They will find you.

Now, what will you do? Will you fight? Or will you run?

And you thought you were special? You’re trash! You’re weak. You hide behind your religion like the rest of the world. I smell…A fake!

You have no one to blame except yourself. You did this. You brought yourself here, and now you have to face the consequences.

You could have minded your own business. You could have gone your own way, but instead you decided to come back. Now I will haunt you. Now I will torture you, and show you the real meaning of pain. This has just begun. You can pray all you want, I’m in your mind. When you sleep I’m in your dreams. I am everywhere. This is my world.

You betrayed her but not only that, you betrayed yourself. Now she has you right where she wants you. You are a dog on leash, and there’s no where to run. You think she wants to be saved? Haha! You fool! She is happy where she is, she doesn’t need you.

Your unfaithfulness has brought you here to the slaughter, and now I will use you as I please.

You are a snake. Own up to it! You are my child. Your parents did not know that they were worshiping me at the time of your conception. You were chosen for Me!







What else? I see murder in your heart. You want to kill. You deceive yourself and say it is for your God, for your country, for your loved ones, but I know you. You want to take life because it was taken from you. You are not a follower of Him, you are a follower of Me!

Stop denying who you are! Proclaim it! I will make you free. You will be a God.

Come to me my Child, and I will show you the wonders of this world. Stop with this acting. Stop with this righteous act, it’s meaningless. You and I both know where you are going.

Worship me…

Worship me…

Worship me…

Claim your number…


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