When did it begin? 

When did you start protecting yourself with lies?

Perhaps you did it to spare someone’s feelings. 

Or maybe it was to hide your true self,

Afraid to fail or to displease those around you.

She built a fortress of lies around herself

Believing it would offer her protection and refuge.

Brick by brick, stone by stone.

The monstrosity grew with every lie she told. 

Now locked in her high tower,

She realizes she forgot to build a gate!


“‘Who can save me from my fortress?!” she cries.

The fortress I built by my own deeds!

I have kept everything I have ever wanted away from me using these walls.

Now I see, the only thing I have kept away is myself.

I have trapped myself in a fortress of my own lies!

Who is strong enough to save me from myself?!

Who is mighty enough to conquer my fortress?!'”


Written by: Peter J. Guidera

a poem from My King, My Lover, My Friend




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