Oh Michael Michael Michael,

What have you gotten yourself into?

You think you have what it takes to complete this task? Do you think you are worthy of redemption?

You are my son, you are an enemy of Him. Just like me, you are a Liar, a Thief, you are an Idolater.

You cannot fool me Michael. I know who you are. I was there at your conception.

You pathetic piece of swine!

You think you can save her don’t you? You think you can risk your life in order to help her?

You are mistaken my child. You are misguided by your heart; Your feelings delude you.

You have forsaken the Christ before, what makes you think you will not do it again?

You see, I have all my eyes on you Michael. Everyone is against you. You will not win on this personal crusade of yours.

You see, the truth is THEY hate you. And although you may think she loves you, she doesn’t. She deceives you my child. You are merely a pawn.

Come to me and I will lead you down a path of riches, fame and fortune. Forsake the name of Christ, and submit to my will.

There is no need to pray and hope for the girl, there are many in this world – many of which to choose from.

Come to your senses my boy. You are not an angel of light…You are an angel of darkness, and you are my son.

Come, bow before me, and I will give you that which your heart desires…

“No. Get away from me. I know the truth.”







I will bring disease upon you. I will crush you like an ant beneath a sandal. I will break every limb of your body and you will wish that you have not committed yourself to this act. I will drown you and bring you to the bottom of the abyss where the sharks will feed on your flesh. I will snap your fingers and will have wolves spit and laugh in your face right before they devour you. You will not see victory Michael. You will never see her again, I will be sure of it. You think you know the truth? I am the truth! I am the morning star. I am the Lord of this planet. I am your Father Michael. I was the one who brought your parents together in both adultery and fornication. Just like I brought an end to them, so shall I bring an end to you. My minions will haunt you to the very last day of your existence. There is no Christ! There is no Messiah! Surrender to me now, or forever burn in the fiery lake of Hell.



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