We Hurt The Ones We Love

Everything in life catches up to us, and while we think we’ll get another opportunity or things will get better sometimes they don’t.

The hardest part is living with the changes, and living with the truth.

You see, I knew someone earlier in my life who made a huge impact on my life in a very spiritual and emotional way.

But because I wasn’t mature, and I didn’t have the knowledge to restrain myself I jumped to conclusions, made hasty decisions, and let my feelings get in the way of love, patience and faith.

Today, I am dealing with those repercussions.

SHAME AND GUILT will screw you up, and for someone of us, the suffering is lifelong.

What I realize is a lot of people lie to themselves, they deceive themselves by creating alternate realities, or worse, they suppress the truth and go out into the world pretending what they knew to be true to be false.

Self-deception is arguably one of the most destructive things one can do to themselves. This type of behavior usually is the root of other destructive behaviors such as alcoholism, sexual promiscuity, drug addiction, wasteful spending, and so on.

I have been practicing celibacy, sobriety, and blunt honesty for the past month and 1/2 and my life has never been better, but it hasn’t come without consequence.

I have often been reminded of how my sin has directly and indirectly affected the lives of others. It’s a tough burden to carry, but I must carry it.



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