The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good

She is beautiful, gorgeous, the prettiest creature on this planet.

She’s younger, tighter and athletic. I want her to have my children.

She’s emotionally stronger than I am, and she motivates me.

She is a nurturer. She cares about family. She cares about children.

The Bad

She is stubborn. She is highly critical and judgmental.

She is fine, and therefore will get a lot of attention from the world.

She worries. She is anxious. She is afraid.

She is broken.

The Ugly

We’re both broken. We’re both judgmental. We’re both materialistic.

We love and hate people. We have trust issues. We hate our parents for their imperfections.

We’re highly critical of ourselves.

We are both worried.

We are both scared.

We both need to be loved…

By each other.


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