What did you learn today?

I did some research today.

I focused on my Baby’s personality, her religious upbringing, our age disparity, and I also looked into the differences between dating and courting.

I wrote down some quotes from some Catholic priests:

“Courtships/friendships take years, but then sometimes they take months, or weeks.”

“Look at the statistics, the more time someone waits the happier and longer the marriage lasts.”

“No one is special. You find someone to dedicate your life to and you make a commitment. It’s that simple.”

“Couples should not rush into marriage.”

I also found some information regarding the statistics of large age gap relationships:

One statistic shows that the larger the age gap the higher probability of that couple getting a divorce.

Another statistic showed that most women DESIRE a man four to six years older. Another statistic also showed that men in their 30’s and in their 40’s DESIRE younger women, especially in their 20’s.

The formula for finding out what the best age for your partner is is YOUR AGE/2 +7.

Right now my Baby and I are not ready, but in the next two to six years things should start to look in our favor.

I do not believe that our race or ethnic identity will be a stumbling block in our relationship or potentially our children, but I do believe it to be especially important to lay a religious and ethnic foundation so they will not grow up confused about their identity. Once they get older they can decide what they want to identify as.

We will be speaking at least two languages in the house, if not more.

My Baby is extremely independent to the point that sometimes she is arrogant. My Baby likes her space and privacy, but she still likes to go out and have a good time. I prefer walks, some time at coffee shops and bookstores.

My Baby works hard and likes to make a lot of money, but she does well in saving and investing her profits. My Baby wants to be a Mama and have children – she will be an excellent homemaker, but also a great politician.

Because of our egos, I will have to learn to shut up in public as I am extremely aggressive and sometimes neurotic, and prone to violence.

My Baby will be the Alpha in the public sphere, but when we are home she will submit to me, especially in the bedroom.

I am still learning…I will never stop learning.



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