They’re Official!

Wow! This is so cool.

I literally prayed for this to happen, and it is finally coming true.

My friend James has officially declared his hook-up buddy/co-worker/whatever-she-is his girlfriend!

I’m so excited for them too! They are good for each other.

I believe that through this relationship with Danielle, he will receive healing, and not in some sort of erotic way, but in a genuine way.

Hopefully, through their relationship, other things will change as well. I am hoping the spirit awakens him to things of G-d, the Bible, and the Lord, Jesus.

It’s cool to see his life take a different direction, but I can also tell that him and I are drifting a part. I just don’t see us being friends after I move out. We might still keep in touch, and maybe he’ll keep me in mind for his wedding, but I don’t think it’s healthy for believers to be friends with non-believers; not saying it isn’t possible, not at all, but I don’t think its conducive for a healthy spiritual lifestyle – too many conflict of interests.

On another note, I started doing some research on my Baby. I looked up information regarding his zodiac sign, personality, religious background, and I even did some Youtube searches for subjects like age gaps, and wrote down some notes from Catholic priests.

I don’t know that it will do me any good, but hopefully this will lead me in the right direction.

The thing that concerns me is conversion…I’m not sure how I feel about it…


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