End of Week #1

Had a pretty challenging first week of the winter quarter.

Overall, I was able to keep cool, remain calm, and continue to practice a new lifestyle of silence.

I made it to the gym four days this week, and I ran yesterday at the track for about an hour. I also did calisthenics.

I spent the first week just listening to French videos on Youtube, and now for week #2 I am going to start making flash cards. I still need to connect with someone on compass to hopefully meet up regularly (once a week), and practice my conversation skills.

I am going to skip out on meeting with Kat because I really don’t want to spend time alone with any female as I find that to be a complete distraction from my goals. I am down to spend time with females but it has to be in groups and not in isolated settings. I can’t afford to be dealing with bitches right now. I have too many things I want to accomplish and I don’t want to risk myself by opening myself up to a female friend/acquaintance.

I reached out to Gael, but his phone number is out of service and his text message blocking has been on. Shady mother-fucker! Smile to my face, give your number, and then turn your back on me. Whatever! I’ll EDIT your ass out of my life.

Goals for next week:

  1. French everyday – 15 – 30minutes (10 expressions a day via flashcards)
  2. 50 push-ups a day
  3. 100 crunches a day
  4. Swim on Saturdays (10am-12pm or 12pm – 2pm)
  5. Run with Colt one day a week – establish the day this week
  6. Prepare a financial spreadsheet and start eliminating debt and begin savings plan for 2017.




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