1212 – Saturday

I just finished watching the movie Inception. 

The film largely has to due with the subject of dreams.

The film was written by and directed by the British filmmaker Christopher Nolan.

The movie was released shortly after I left Orange County to enter in the Marine Corps.

I have been realizing lately that a lot of these films has a prophetic element to them.

I am going through some type of an epiphany. The Lord has given me a burst of knowledge, a lot of which, has to do with my past. More and more I am starting to understand how my childhood has affected not only my development but also my behavior and outlook on life; how the relationship between my mother and father have a great influence on who I am today; and how my disruption, or I should say my breakdowns in development have shaped and molded me into the person I am. The divide comes when I analyze the world from a secular point of view and then compare it to the Biblical worldview.

You see, many secularists would argue that my disposition and childhood has been traumatized and therefore because I had not received a proper upbringing, it has then ultimately been the result of other relationships. But when I look at scripture and read quotes from the Book of Romans that states, “All things work together for those who love G-d, for those who are called according to His purpose,” I can’t help but think maybe things will indeed workout for the best.

If I beat myself down and say that everything happen was a mistake, a regret, or was from Satan, then it would be a loss, a tragedy, and moving forward there is nothing left to live for except Death. However, if I look at the situation and realize that I was not all knowing, and misguided but that then G-d came as a mediator to help me, to save me from further damaging a situation, then it is righteous to say that things did workout for the better – that ultimately Satan did not win.

Now the question lies in the future. Where am I going? How will I live? And will I keep my word?

If I quit on everything I have built to this day then yes, everything would have been done in vain and the narrative is then a tragedy, but if I don’t give up and I keep fighting then maybe, just maybe this narrative will end in victory.

I love her. There’s no denying it. I wake up thinking about her. I go to sleep thinking about her, and I want to do everything for her. Now what matters are the results. Will I complete my mission? Will I set out to do the things I have promised? The things that I have spoken before Men, will I complete them? Only time will tell, but ultimately G-d knows. He knows what comes in the end, and even though I do not have the final vision for the narrative, she is with me in my spirit and in my soul, and she is absolutely worth fighting for.

Every breath I take. Every blood particle that is spelt is worth having to love her, and be with her.

I must keep fighting. I must keep going.

#1230 #Wife #GirlOfMyDreams #RaeOfLight #Enlightenment #Redemption #ToLiveIsChrist #ToDieIsGain


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