Myles Elliott Williamson


You’re troubled. I see you.

You’re broken.

Your friends are using you. They are not true. They are not genuine.

I wish you well in your life, but there’s not much I can do from here.

G-d is preparing me for something greater, and unfortunately you will not be around.

Your father left you an inheritance, and you are squandering it.

I carry his Bible, and your name is written in it.

But you probably won’t accept it.

I will offer it to you, but I don’t think you are ready to carry the burden on your father’s words.

Your smart, good looking, young guy, but you are lost. You don’t have purpose.

I get it. I once was the same. A drifter in the wilderness.

I want to yell at you and beat you, but you don’t need that. You need love. You need affection.

I will pray for you cousin, but you’re on your own.



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