Freudian Slip

“I’m whipped,” James finally admitted.

When his co-worker/partner/whatever-she-is came over, we had a discussion about Bill Clinton and his extra martial affairs. We also talked about Monica Lewinsky. Danielle mentioned how she thought Monica was/is empowered by her taking down Bill Clinton as President with their sexual scandal.

James quickly became tempered because he thought Danielle rhetoric was off-base, and when he mentioned that Bill was pussy-whipped, he mentioned that he was whipped by Danielle.

BOOM! Finally!


I’m happy that he finally has the courage to admit the obvious – HE LIKES DANIELLE.

At least now I know my prayers are slowly getting answered. These two will soon become a couple, and I will finally be affirmed that what I knew from the beginning was meant to be.


Now the unfortunate thing is I sit here in this apartment as a lone wolf wishing I had the girl of my dreams in my bed. This is seriously a test of character, discipline and humility.

The good Lord knows how much I want to make love to my Baby.

But I will wait. I will be patient. I will overcome this trial.



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