Hatred, Anger, Frustration.

I sometimes think about the other men. The fakes, the ones who try to be with her.

I understand that sometimes men and women are lured by things of the world – material possessions, status, wealth, etc.

However, no man will ever love her like I will.

No Man Will Ever Love Her Like I Will.

What bothers me is my imagination. I don’t know who she has dated or who she is loved, but I HATE them regardless.

I know deep down inside they don’t love her like I do.

My love for her is much deeper than sexuality. My love for her is spiritual, emotional, physical, it almost feels like something extraterrestrial.

When I imagine the men who have been with her, I want to hurt them. I want to inflict pain on them. I want to make them suffer.

But I cannot allow my emotions to dictate my life. I cannot allow myself to lose control.

I cannot ever retaliate because she chose to go else where for love; besides, I am a hypocrite. Who am I to judge?

I just pray to G-d that whoever crosses her treats her with love and respect.

If any one of these loser punks, jocks, rappers, artists, wall street cocksuckers fucks with her I will bring hell fire to their souls.

They will regret the day they touched her. They will regret not loving her in reverence of the Lord. They will forever feel my judgement. They will forever regret mistreating my Baby.


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