Notes from my Uncle

“Men and women cannot be friends outside of marriage. A Man’s best friend (female) should be his wife and likewise, a female’s best friend (male) should be her husband. While there are exceptions, (e.g.growing up as kids, near death situations etc) to have such a friend of the opposite while married takes away from the friendship you share with your spouse. Ultimately, your relationship with your spouse is split/shared with your best friend outside of the marriage. This is a direct contravention of the martial relationship between spouses and God’s will.

Such exposure or behavior undoubtedly will result in situations that begs the question, “Are your actions today helping your marriage grew stronger or are you tearing it apart?”

“Examine your life for that cause you to sin, and take every necessary action/experience/pain to remove it!”

– Matthew 5:29-30

Are you a person known for your word? Truthfulness seems to be rare that we feel that we must end our statements with “I promise!” If we tell the truth all the time, we will have less pressure to back up our words with an oath or promise.

-Matthew 5:33-34

Godly – Ways of a Man with a Woman

  • Given – Be completely given to God/servant
  • Open- open the door for her/respect her
    • chivalry!
  • Dependable – Do what the word says, If you say you are going to do it then do it!
  • Love – In a way that transcends all
  • Yield – Pray-sleep on it- Don’t be anxious to make a decision – be patient

Patience – Character – Hope *


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