First day back – Back to Work

First day of winter quarter, and I am coming at this world with a vengeance!

No more alcohol. No more pointless dates and chasing women. No more porn. No more masturbation.

Prayer, mediation, working-out, and self-control, that will be the center of my rejuvenation.

Concentration on school, establishing healthy relationships with my inner circle, and preparing my mind, body and soul for the military.

I am not perfect for there is only One who is, but I can still strive to do the best I can. I can still strive for complete sanctification and righteousness.

I will be working out 6 days a week: Three days of lifting, two days of running/swimming, and one day of stretching, performing yoga and practicing the art of the silence.

I pray unto G-d all these things. Amen.

#MondayMotivation #NewYear #Rebirth

Clip of the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B1DKszsMRk


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