The Victorian

Dark inside, but there many waiting for something.

A noise, a sound, something to call renown.

I look around and see many of them, lost, confused, scattered, not sure what they are doing.

I am sure.

I know.

I am here.

I walk around and watch, and let my friend treat me to a night of extravagance.

Howl like a dog, dance like a fool, and protect like a guard – I do it all.

At the top of the club, there are lights scattered throughout the walls.

Musicians at the front entertain the crowd, and beautiful women dominate the center.

Six women, light skin, blonde hair, wearing dark clothes hold dominion over everyone.

I stand and watch, and scan to make sure no one disrupts.

They are so beautiful, they dance around in a circle with their gold hair, and their black apparel . I want them, all of them, in my bed, but I know the good Lord will not bless this act, so instead I watch and observe as the fools drool over their mouths and the dogs wait for their turn.

My friend, and my closest kin, brother James, pushes me to approach them, but I resist, and instead I take another drink.


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