Crabs in a Bucket

My grandfather a slave, and my father a slave.

Wayne Williamson Sr:

“Happy New Year Mike. Hopefully by now you’ve made it your business to apologize to your father. And then to Monique, Jake and Jayden for disrespecting them and embarrassing yourself. We all make fools of ourselves as part of the growing up process.”

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS MAN! What a fucking piece of trash! How dare he insult me and coerce me to apologize to his son. He has no idea what is going on between us, and now he wants to play the savior?

Who are you? You’re not a man! You’re a poor excuse of man. You’re nothing but a slave, another classical example of the BLACK stereotype. You left my grandma when she got pregnant, and then you go off into the world and pursue your own passions and desire; and what’s worse? You pump and dump several women and then get some pregnant! You are no longer my grandpa. You are now Wayne Williamson Sr. the nigger!

The only reason I put up with your ass is because you are my blood!

You tell me not to write anything down because it’s risky, and it keeps me accountable, and you don’t want something to later haunt me later in the life.


You constantly complain and talk malice against this great nation. You talk about how the system is keeping us, BLACK men, down.

It’s hard to take your word Grandpa, it’s because of you that Grandma was forced to raise three kids on her own, and because of that my father did not receive the love and respect that her deserved.



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