“You’re changing,” James said.

“You and I are drifting apart. You are getting ready to go off into the military, and I am staying out here in the private sector. I’m going to miss you man. You have been a great friend.”

My eyes don’t move, they stay focused on him. I am still.

“I feel like you are doing the right thing, you know, getting ready and all. You’re reading your Bible again, watching military videos, getting back into the gym. It’s exciting, but I’m bummed you’re leaving.”

I still do not say a word.

“It’s funny how we ended up together. We have, like, two completely different set of ideologies. You’re very religious and well, you know me, haha! I just want to tone things down a bit, you know? It’s cool with me if we talk politics because I feel like I go both ways, but religion, ah, let’s not.”

I cracked my necked. “I’ll work on it,” I said.

“It’s mostly a me thing, but I’ll miss you blue.”

Silence. Not a word, and then I howl.


He mimics me like a fool.




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