Dating in the Perverse Generation

I can’t stand this generation. They do not value love, companionship and honesty. They wander from relationship to relationship, clinging on to different men and women and they wonder why they cannot find peace with themselves.

They do not truly love themselves, nor respect themselves.

I am blessed in that the Lord has given me a temporary friend and roommate, but he is non-believer, a heathen, a lost soul. He doesn’t believe in G-d, and he proclaims with his tongue that Y’shua is not Lord.

“Jesus is not my Lord,” he often says.

I do my best to present the Word of G-d to him in a dignified and respectful manner, but I often find myself becoming impatient and boiling in rage for his inability to listen and focus in on the Gospel.

One time he flat out told me, “I love the secular world. I want to keep dipping my dick in poison.”

There is no helping him. He does not want to be saved. He refuses help.

The irony about this situation is that I was once like him too. I wanted worldly recognition, attention and sex from multiple women along with fame and riches. Even when I did get a small taste of it, I was unhappy and often times I found myself distraught and unable to connect with people.

Now I feel great! Empowered! And I feel like my strength is being renewed. I am feeling confident in my abilities once again, and I don’t feel as impulsive to do things as when I was younger. I started going to the gym again, I started reading my Bible, and I have made amends with my past. It feels great!

I thank the Lord for my strength.


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