Liberal Logic 101: Sins of My Father

My Grandpa a liberal

My Earthly father a liberal

No word to their name

They scared to commit

They scared to admit

That their sins have a consequence

I am the bastard the unwanted child

Rebellious, belligerent, do whatever I want

The aggressive one the deviant curse

The one that is not hesitant to look in the purse

For a dollar or 4 quarters, schemer, revolution

Screaming, looking for help, looking for my guardian angel.

I burn. I cry. I feel.

I’m angry. I hate them. I love them.

I just want one. I just want one to love to call mine.

The one I can brag about, show around town and no feel shame about.

My sexy BAE, everyone know there’s one way, JC, on my neck, G-d on my head.

Tall, blonde and sexy in my bed, and no regrets.

Mixed kids, just did, with the gospel strapped to my hip

9 on my side, but I’m registered, ready to die with a dog by my side.

I love her till the day I die.

Love her till she’s old.

Love her till she’s dead.

Lover her till the end.

And after she’s gone, I still brag about her.

I love you baby.






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