We call ourselves Christians, but we don’t believe in Him.

We say the right things, and do the right things but our hearts are not with G-d.

We consume, exploit, and find various ways to get what we want whether it be power, material possessions, or companionship.

We are desperate for attention, longing for affection, but we look outward to a world that does not honor the Lord, to a world that does not want to be sanctified.

Instead, we want to be comfortable, stable, and secure. We are hiding from the inevitable truth – we are all dying.

But the ultimate Truth is that judgement is upon us, and we do not want to face that reality, so we distract ourselves with movies, romance novels, music and other forms of entertainment. We delude our minds and say, “This is it,” while taking another shot of alcohol.

We live in a day in age where truth is hate speech, and is received in fear. We lie, and conceal rather than confess and heal. We don’t want the truth because it makes us feel…real. We would rather forge ourselves a fantasy with fake husbands and fake wives, and abuse our children in our pride. This is not love. This is control.

“Get away from me, I never knew you” he will say.

Will you be ready to accept the penalty for your sins?


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